Friday, September 23, 2011

tree project - #5 "tree ribbons"

So, originally I had planned on just sketching trees on their own for this little project, but I can't help myself. I just start adding things.

my thought process:
This tree needs ribbons. someone looking at the ribbons!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

tree project - #4 "lantern"

Perhaps I use too much pink/purple... other colors do exist (supposedly.)

old sketches

I seem to have lost the original of the sketch on the right, so all I have is this low-res copy. I wish I had had a better scanner back in the day (and that I had finished it!)

the huntress

“'Hunt!' she screamed, and the Alaunt raised voice.

Her stallion dancing beneath her, Azhure raised the Wolven to her face and sighted down the shaft of the arrow… and, in their scores and their hundreds and their thousands, the Skraelings surged to the surface, arms flailing, eyes shining in terror, teeth exposed in fulsome voice…

And Azhure let fly, seizing another arrow in almost the same movement, and let fly, and seized another… and let fly…

And the Skraelings died.”

- Starman by Sara Douglass

One of my favorite scenes from a great author. I'd like to re-create this image and redo it from scratch, but this time with her pack of Alaunt surrounding her (and probably with a better background with a Skraeling or two.)

Speaking of Skraelings...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

tree project - #2

Colors inspired by bathroom tile from a house built in the '60s...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

tree project - #1

Over the past week I've hit a bit of a sketching slump. I'm in the process of developing a style and look for a new webcomic, and each time I think I have something good I would step back and shake my head. I think the hardest part for me is deciding on what I want the main character to look like, and my continuous disappointment is starting to hurt my drawing-hand's feelings. I just can't get what I have in my head onto paper. Deep down I know that I'll probably never be happy with what I come up with at first, and that I'll be able to tweak and refine it over time, but it still gets me down. Silly Americans and their need for instant gratification!

So, to keep my spirits up and to switch things up a little, I'm going to start a small project. Each week I'm going to sketch a series of trees (because I lurve to draw trees!) so I can feel like I'm being productive while creating something I know I'll be happy with 99% of the time. I'm going to trick my brain into feeling positive! I'll choose an arbitrary number for the sake of having an end-point... let's say 26 trees.

Ochre is one of my favorite colors! I think my right-handedness is showing through the curvature of the tree...

Monday, September 12, 2011

concept art

Here are a few pieces of concept art for an untitled iPhone game that unfortunately did not get past early development. I got the chance to play around with a new style that was more whimsical than anything I've done before, and the end result made me super happy! I love drawing trees and forest-y places, so there's a little of that.